What are the New Social Media Trends in 2020?

Social media trends are constantly changing from year to year. 2020 is no different. With so many new developments, what really is the top new social media trends of 2020?

Platforms are forever evolving to keep up to consumer and user demands. It’s known that video dominates over picture and text, explaining the rise in TikTok and the unstoppable platform that is YouTube. 

However, we are yet to discuss and acknowledge the dark horse of technology, voice enablers. Have we looked at how education can impact the marketing space in TikTok or how eCommerce is adapting to make it easier and quicker than ever for consumers?

There’s no better time than now to rethink and reflect on what is the next new social media trend to emerge. 

Here are the top 5 new social media trends in 2020:

Find your voice on Twitter


One of the new social media trends in 2020 is the voice enablement movement. If there’s one fact to take forward into 2021, it’s that smart speaker sales will surpass tablets next year. With over 200 million smart speakers across the globe in over 100 languages, marketers need to capitalise on this phenomenon. 

No wonder Twitter is jumping on this new trend. The platform is testing a new feature that will allow users to record voice clips to publish as tweets – allowing users to post 140 seconds worth of audio.

This development will be an exciting new move for businesses as it adds a personal touch to their social media – giving a voice to their brands. 



One new social media trend in 2020 that all businesses should jump on board with is #LearnOnTikTok. The platform is pumping £13 million into this official launch, trying to create a more educational platform for their users. TikTok’s general manager for Europe, Rich Waterworth, noted how #LearnOnTikTok has already gained over 7 billion views with just over a million videos using the hashtag.

He also stated he hoped the move made TikTok more ‘appealing to advertisers.’ This shift towards maturity makes TikTok more than just a platform for the younger generations. It is something businesses should watch closely as the app continues to widen its scope and become a real front runner for engagement and advertisement. 

Facebook’s New Commerce Requirements


Another new social media trend of 2020 is the development of eCommerce. Instagram has announced that they’re adjusting their eCommerce eligibility requirements and that these adjustments will eventually apply to Facebook businesses as well. 

The new requirements mean that any business or creator with even one single eligible product can use shopping tags and features! Additionally, in the US, they are testing checkout features directly in the app. This development means you no longer need to wait for approval on either a Facebook Store or the eligibility of your products. 

This new change to Instagram will go into effect on July 9th, and eventually move to Facebook as well. 

Stories are here to stay!


Ephemeral content is nothing new to consumers or marketers alike. It’s obvious why they are popular – they are short, engaging and addictive. However, what is new is new platforms adapting and adding ephemeral features as well.

Twitter has rolled out their version in Brazil called Fleets – in which a tweet disappears after 24 hours.

LinkedIn has a wide range of new features that are ready for you to explore! LinkedIn’s Senior Director of Product Management, Pete Davis, announced the platform was testing out a new story feature. This feature is only currently available to members in Australia, the Netherlands, Brazil, France and the UAE, but they will be releasing it more widely soon!

While this may not be a completely new upcoming trend, we may see entirely new features added to some of our old favourite apps and platforms. 

How is video content developing?


It has been known for a while now that statistically, video content does better than images or text. With an ever-developing digital world, how is it going to advance further this year and the next? Two new ways emerging are 360-Degree Video Experiences and posting shopping tags in captions.

The 360-Degree Video Experience allows brands to entice their potential customers with an immersive experience of their product or service.

The shopping tags are on a trail run; theoretically, brands will be allowed to use this new feature. However, there is the possibility of influencers, too, especially in sponsored campaigns or posts. As a result, it will now be easier and quicker than before to shop online and for businesses to have higher ROI rates. 

The digital marketing space is consistently changing with the developments of social media platforms to find new and innovative ways of marketing. We must know what is around the corner and what is developing within our industry to ensure we don’t miss out on the next big thing! 


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