YouTube Shorts – How to get started

YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide. Currently, it has around 1.86 billion users on the platform who either create content or stream it. YouTube allows the ability to create and upload different forms of video content, for example commentary videos, “Top” list, and How-to (tutorials). Now Youtube is currently testing a new way for organisations to create content, called YouTube Shorts.

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LinkedIn Marketing

Efficiently Manage Your LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn has become a virtual environment with about 740 million members where your account represents you and your network. One’s LinkedIn profile serves as a formal channel for managing your professional image. It’s a fantastic method to display to people who you are and what you do by highlighting the key aspects of your working experience and accomplishments.

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The big changes coming to Twitter in 2021

There are a number of huge changes to Twitter in 2021. Twitter has announced a slew of new features and functions over the past few months all of which are extremely exciting and have the potential to drastically change your social media strategy on the platform.
We take a look at some of these upcoming changes to give you a head start on updating your social media strategy.

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ECommerce Marketing Birmingham

How to use Instagram to boost your e-commerce business.

Whether you are an established brand or a new startup business, Instagram has become an extremely useful tool in converting passive customers into active ones. No other platform is so focused solely on visuals quite like Instagram so being able to take advantage of it to show off what your brand offers is becoming increasingly important. We are here to help boost your e-commerce business.

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