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We believe that the key to successful social media marketing is to focus on a company’s objective and their target audience.

Creative Content Creation

Our team specialises in designing content that portrays your company in a professional and interesting way.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Ads are essential for a successful strategy. Our campaigns are proven to turn visitors into leads and customers.

Social MediaTraining

Our Social Media training will give your staff the tools to become experts in social media management and strategy.

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Social Media

We specialise in all aspects of social media marketing: creating bespoke campaigns, advertising and training.

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Video Marketing

Our team creates eye-catching and engaging videos and animation to ensure your business is portrayed in the best way possible.

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Blogs are great for improving the website’s SEO as well as showcasing the company as an expert in their field.

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Now it’s more important than ever to be online. Your social media presence reflects who you are as a business, so you need to make sure your social media marketing stands out from the crowd. Consumers use social media to understand your brand’s identity and build rapport with your business. It gives you a chance to connect with your potential clients and build relationships which eventually lead to opportunities. Our social media agency knows the best ways of engaging with your customer base, finding leads and ultimately increasing sales. We may be based in Birmingham, but we offer social media management all over the globe and across a wide variety of industries. We’re a multiple award-finalist and have the experience and expertise to make your social media marketing success. Take a look at some of our case studies and testimonials so you can see how our social media marketing strategies have benefited our clients. Not only do we offer social media management, but we also provide bespoke social media training and social media advertising. Contact us at our Birmingham office for more information at 07852 657 935 or email us at info@littlemediaagency.com. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

  • Very much satisfied with the quality of service provided by the team at Little Media Agency. Their size allows for a more personal approach (the people whom you see at the pitch are the people who will be on your account – no last-minute changes). Moreover, the team maintains a good role of council, challenging the status quo when appropriate and definitely don’t fall into an attitude of “doing only what the client says.” I highly recommend.

  • It was a pleasure to work with Sara from Little Media. The most critical thing for me was the level of communication, staying in touch and having regular defined contact points to make sure we were always looking at the same picture. Next is that she never misses a deadline, the content goes out on time, every time. Measurement is so key for any digital strategy and she provided reports on everything I asked for, from the impact of our individual campaigns to the change in followers and engagement so we could shape our strategy to maximise what worked. If you are a small company looking for somebody to take away the headache of social media, and who works like they are part of your team rather than a contractor, then Little Media is the way to go.

  • I wish all Media & SEO companies had the dedication and focus to quality & communication that Little Media has. From the initial phone call to providing options/suggestions and most importantly to deliver exactly what they promised and to keep me updated at all stages. Little Media did an amazing job promoting 3 of my companies. Every post is creative and gets a lot of attention from our clients. The number of likes increased, people are commenting and asking about our products and services. It’s been fantastic!

  • We needed help with our businesses’s brand awareness, across all social media accounts. Sara has brought a professional look with great content and improved traffic to all the accounts. Most importantly, Sara has listened to the direction of who and how we target our members and has implemented a strategy that does exactly that, achieving a big leap in new member engagements, more “likes”, more shares, boosting our online presence and SEO.

  • Little Media Agency has helped us achieve all of our digital marketing goals; we’re getting more qualified leads, existing customers are giving us more feedback, and our overall engagement has improved significantly. They have perfectly captured the essence of our brand in their content. As a result of Little Media’s digital marketing efforts, lead generation has improved dramatically. The following across all social media platforms doubled within the first 16 months. In addition to the positive metrics, they have delivered engaging content that accurately reflects the brand.

  • Metrics including leads, conversions, and social media engagement have all increased since Little Media Agency came on-board. The posts they’ve created look like they were created by my company, from the color scheme to the font. Metrics including leads, conversions, and social media engagement have all increased since Little Media Agency came on-board. Sticking to established timelines, they’ve proven the effectiveness of their management processes. Customers can expect a partner that listens intently to client goals.

  • Sara and the team at Little Media Agency made a significant contribution to my social media and business activity. We increased our engagement by 900% in a short period and increased our following by 80%. We also improved our content planning processes. The best part of working with Sara and the team was the frequency of communication; I could speak with them as often as I needed. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Little Media Agency to anyone looking for expert social media management.



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