Email Marketing

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a great way to generate sales from potential leads. It has a fantastic return on investment, and what’s more, that return is easy to measure. You can see the exact results your emails have achieved, so you know the benefits of every single campaign.

99% of consumers check their emails every single day; this is not an opportunity to miss. Email marketing campaigns allow you to target a tailored audience, so your campaigns are reaching the right people. It’s a fantastic way to get great results in a short amount of time, and when combined with an effective social media management campaign, it can lead to truly fantastic results.

Targeted Content

Email marketing is an effective channel to deliver targeted content. With the help of segmented lists based on geography, engagement levels or interests, it’ll be easier for you to elaborate the most optime content possible to grab your audience’s attention.

Increased Brand Awareness

Every email you send to your customers is an opportunity to build and reinforce your company’s brand awareness. With a good strategy, a smart design, and valuable content, you’ll considerably increase your chances of staying top of mind.

Build A Strong Relationship with Customers

Email marketing is an excellent solution to reach out to already engaged audiences. Moreover, as you target customers who previously signed up to receive your messages, the easier it will be for you to nurture and strengthen the relationship with them.


Email marketing is a cost-effective way to drive traffic and increase your brand awareness. Without going any further, according to DMA, the average return on newsletter marketing investment (ROI) is £42 for every £1 spent.

Email Marketing

Why Choose Us?

Our newsletter marketing campaigns have helped our clients boost their sales and expand their customer base. We know what works best, from email content to subject lines to calls to action. We’re well experienced at creating emails designed to drive traffic to the landing page.

Content Creation

If your email campaigns fail to grab your audience’s attention, we can step in and design a campaign that achieves the outcome you’re looking for. We know how to create an email to maximise open rates and direct customers to the website.

Driving Traffic

Email campaigns are the best way to direct customers to your landing page. As an experienced agency in managing and optimising email marketing campaigns, we know the best methods to increase your open rates and drive traffic to your website.


Email marketing analytics give great insights into customer’s behaviours. Here at Little Media Agency, we evaluate all the data obtained to improve and optimise your email marketing campaign. Then, we report to you on our progress every month.


Emails can be distributed quickly and are easy to share. With just a click, readers can forward your offers to their contacts, spreading your message outside your contact list. The impact of an email campaign is usually immediate, so it’s a great tool for quickly boosting sales.

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Email Marketing

3 Steps for A Succesful Email Campaign

Starting Point

We want to know all about your company and what you expect from your email campaign. Then we set the goals to achieve from both sides.

Strategy Implementation

Once the objectives are established, our team defines and develops an optimal strategy to achieve the expected results within a fixed period.


After implementing and optimising the email campaign, we analyse the results to see how the strategy works and report to you on our progress every month.


“I wish all Media & SEO companies had the dedication and focus to quality & communication that Little Media has.”

From the initial phone call to providing options/suggestions and most importantly to deliver exactly what they promised and to keep me updated at all stages. Little Media did an amazing job promoting 3 of my companies.

Every post is creative and gets a lot of attention from our clients. The number of likes increased, people are commenting and asking about our products and services. It’s been fantastic!”

– Tip Top Building Services


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