Social Media Training

Social Media Training

Can Social Media Be Learnt?

If you’re looking to improve your team’s knowledge of social media, then our social media training could be the perfect option for you. We’ll share our experience, knowledge, and expertise with you and provide your team with the tools to improve your business’ social media strategy.

Our bespoke social media training covers a range of topics. We can tailor our training to best suit the needs of your business. Training can be provided externally at our offices or we can come to you, the choice is yours.

Social Media Management

We can walk you through the best platforms to use and how to make the most out of them. We’ll cover everything you need to know, from the best times to post content to advice regarding each platform. By the end of their training, your staff will be ready to successfully manage social media accounts.

Content Creation

We’ll give you the best tips and tricks for creating eye-catching content. We’ll show you what makes a post engaging and the best ways to maximise your reach. From crafting a creative caption to making stand-out posts, you or your staff will have the knowledge to create high-quality content across all social media channels.

LinkedIn Training

LinkedIn can be a fantastic tool for generating leads and making sales. If you’re a recruitment or sales team, this could be a great opportunity for finding new candidates or leads. We’ll show you the hidden tricks LinkedIn can offer to make sure you’re getting the most out of the platform.

Social Media Training Workshop

Why Choose Us?

We have years of experience managing social media channels for a huge variety of industries. We can give you the tips of the trade as well as social media secrets to set you apart from the competition. Our understanding means that we know what works and what doesn’t. We can spot mistakes before they’re made and advise on the quickest and most effective ways to go about each task.


We have years of experience working with clients of all sizes across a wide variety of industries on all social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube and more – So we know how best to use each channel to your advantage to help you and your brand increase Followers, Engagement and ROI.


We won’t just go through the motions with you – We genuinely want to help you turn your social media campaigns into a success. That’s why we will offer our advice, recommendations, and special tips and tricks to help you transform your fledgling social media presence into a successful, vital aspect of your marketing efforts.


Whereas many social media training companies may just show you the ropes with how to set up your accounts, we go one step further – And train you on how to develop a full social media strategy that will not only bring your social media presence to life, but will prove to be a fantastic return on your investment for your business.

Bespoke Training

Are you a complete beginner to social media? Or are you looking for a refresher course to take your social campaigns to the next level? Whatever stage you are at, we can create bespoke social media training campaigns tailored to your needs to help you realise your social media objectives and bring your digital marketing to life.

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Social Media Training Course

3 Benefits of Social Media Training

Reduce Costs

Our Social Media Training package will give you the tools you need to not only manage your own social media on a day-to-day basis, but to maximise your profitability by reducing reliance on your current social media agency.

Increased Engagement

Bringing your social media management in-house will deliver a higher quality experience to your customers by allowing you to engage with them directly, resulting in increased engagement, more conversions, and higher profits.

Upskill Your Workforce

Training yourself and your employees on how to manage a successful social media campaign will not only reduce costs for your business, but will add significant value to your company by equipping your team with beneficial new skills.


“I would well recommend attending one of Sara’s future workshops.”

“I attended a social media workshop with Sara at the Lost & Found, I found it really informative and it has equipped me with the skills to ensure my social media is relevant and effective.

If you’re looking to brush up on your social media skills and ensure you’re using the correct platform for your target audience then I would well recommend attending one of Sara’s future workshops.”

– Pitcher and Piano


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