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How to Find the Right Social Media Agency

Social media has dramatically evolved since the start of the 21st century and in most cases, we cannot imagine our lives without checking for what our friends are posting. Since 2016 it has been found that over fifty percent of the population in Europe use social networks. With this increased usage of social media comes an entirely new market and way of advertising for both small and large companies. However, with this comes finding a social media agency to make sure that you are successfully adapting to that market. 

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The big changes coming to Twitter in 2021

There are a number of huge changes to Twitter in 2021. Twitter has announced a slew of new features and functions over the past few months all of which are extremely exciting and have the potential to drastically change your social media strategy on the platform.
We take a look at some of these upcoming changes to give you a head start on updating your social media strategy.

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How to use Instagram to boost your e-commerce business.

Whether you are an established brand or a new startup business, Instagram has become an extremely useful tool in converting passive customers into active ones. No other platform is so focused solely on visuals quite like Instagram so being able to take advantage of it to show off what your brand offers is becoming increasingly important. We are here to help boost your e-commerce business.

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6 New Social Media Platforms You Should Know About

During January, WhatsApp has been in the spotlight as a result of its new privacy policy. The update, mandatory for users, allowed the app to share user’s information with Facebook.

The controversy around the new change caused that the platform decided to postpone the changes, planned to be applied from February 8th to May 15th to “make sure users have plenty of time to review and understand the terms.

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The Little Media Social Media Marketing Awards 2020 – The 8 Best Social Media Campaigns of 2020.

Welcome to the 2020 Little Media Awards! Celebrating all things social media marketing within the past 12 months. Despite the challenging year, it’s been for most businesses across the globe, we have still seen some amazingly creative social media campaigns throughout the year. We have eight categories that showcase the achievements of companies across a plethora of industries who have all made an impact on the world of social media this year.

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5 Secrets of a Successful Social Media Christmas Campaign

Deck the halls and ‘tis the season, Christmas is almost upon us! How’s the Christmas shopping going? Are you an early bird or are you the person raiding the shelves on Christmas Eve? Either way, Christmas is about spending time with loved ones and eating lots of food (That diet can wait until January). But when it comes to Christmas Social Media Campaigns, it pays to be prepared. Continue Reading…