How to maximise your Twitter audience?

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There are various tricks and techniques available to promote your Twitter content to the right people. Whether it is a funny meme or an educational post, learning these handy tips can help you to promote your content to your Twitter audience in various ways!

Most social media platforms use similar features, such as hashtags and mentions; however, Twitter posts tend to reach a more specific audience. To target your key demographics, Twitter focuses on key variables including, gender, age, language, device and location.

It is essential to know how the Twitter algorithm works to grow your account and enable your Tweets to reach users with similar interests. Find out below how Twitter helps its users reach the largest relevant audience!




Twitter Hashtags

Hashtags are essential in promoting your posts. Each hashtag has a specific category in which it belongs. For example #lionessesteam could be linked with #football. This hashtag is not only used to highlight the key topics of the Tweet, but also allows other users to discover the post among other relevant content when they explore this specific hashtag.

Twitter allows you to search in hashtags, revealing a list of posts associated with the key phrase or word. Users researching a topic or interested in a particular area can find your Tweet faster and easier. It creates a digital community where you can address people with similar interests. 

Using hashtags related to your Tweet also helps Twitter understand what your message is about, further promoting your content to a particular audience, rather than generic users.


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Twitter Hours

Another way to boost the performance of your Tweets is through Twitter Hour hashtags. Twitter Hours are typically based around specific locations such as #brumhour (For a Birmingham audience) or topics such as #bizhour, which helps businesses grow and reach a more generic audience. 

Followers of these hashtags can see your Tweets much easier without having to actively search for them. Many established Twitter Hours often Retweet the posts under their hashtags to help you boost the popularity of your Tweet. 

This is an excellent method to reach a new group of people; however, it may not be as effective in helping you to reach your desired target audience as other methods.




Trending Hashtags

Topical trending hashtags often help reach a wider audience. These hashtags are ones that appear on the trending section of Twitter. They are generally short-lived but highly active hashtags based on whatever topics are “trending”, for example, the latest news. Trending hashtags are ones that are often interacted with the most on the platform, often relating to memes, and potentially even going viral.

Using trending hashtags can help reach a variety of audiences. Often these users are a lot less specific than the audience you may be trying to reach. 

As a Twitter user, you can also start your own hashtags, which are more related to your business. This adds a unique value to the Tweet and can be an incredibly successful method for the company if the hashtag starts trending.

However, it is important to acknowledge that it can be challenging to establish a popular hashtag that is not already used primarily for smaller businesses. If the company doesn’t have a more significant following or the Tweets do not often receive a large amount of attention, it can be challenging to reach the target audience and encourage them to use the same hashtag. 


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Twitter Mentions

Many businesses often use mentions within their Tweets to boost the reach of their post. This consists of tagging other Twitter accounts into your post that may find your content relevant to their interests. For example, if you’re a fashion designer, you could tag fashion bloggers and magazines in your content to grab their attention, as well as the attention of their followers.

Mentioning accounts will very likely grab the attention of the account itself. Depending on the account, if they enjoy your content, they may interact or even Retweet it to their page and followers. This can be incredibly helpful for small businesses when accounts with a large following promote their posts as it opens a new range of audiences. 

However, it is essential to remember that not all accounts will be happy with being tagged, let alone want to interact with your content. To avoid any potential complaints, if the user mentions they do not wish to be tagged in the future, you should abide by this.

On the other hand, if the account mentioned in your Tweet enjoys your content and does decide to Retweet and interact, it would aid you to reach their followers easily, but also would help Twitter understand what your brand consists of. To put it simply, the tagged company will promote your Tweets to people whose Twitter content preferences are similar to your content.


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Final Thoughts

Twitter is a fantastic platform with many ways to promote your posts and market your business. However, it is essential to realise that not all techniques will be 100% successful. 

However, if a specific method isn’t successful, don’t worry. There are plenty of other tricks available, and it is important to know what techniques perform best on your account, meaning it is worth trying them all and keeping a note of the top posts. 

We look forward to seeing what other techniques Twitter will introduce to its users in the coming years!

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