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Social Media Scares: What campaigns went disastrously wrong? 

We can learn a lot from successful social media campaigns but even more so from the ones that went wrong. Social Media can sometimes be a scary place to navigate. Once you post a photo on Instagram, share your thoughts on Twitter or give your opinions on Linkedin, there’s no going back. It’s there forever. While it’s important to take risks when creating social media content, it’s essential to be careful about what you post. 

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Social Responsibility in Marketing

For the very first time, businesses which are sustainable and show concern for the planet have been shown to drive brand value (brandZ). The climate crisis has caused consumers all over the world to turn to brands who are socially and environmentally responsible. But does it pay to bring corporate responsibility into your social media marketing?

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How to improve your social media campaigns?

Nowadays, we are surrounded by advertising: emails, billboards, tv, and social media. It’s harder than ever to stand out among competitors. For us marketers, this huge competition means that our adverts need to exceed expectations and reflect the audience’s interests and characteristics.

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