What are LinkedIn Live events?

LinkedIn is a platform widely known for allowing users to build connections with audiences, clients, and employers. It provides a trusted space where users can connect and follow media that interest them, such as companies they particularly enjoy. It is, in fact, the largest online networking platform in the world, with approximately 810 million users across more than 200 countries. It was founded in 2002 in the USA, and after proving its success, it was made available in the UK. One of their newest features is LinkedIn Live events.

This platform has rapidly grown over the years and recently has been made into a mobile application. Being available on Android and Apple devices further increased the platform’s popularity and usage. 

It has now also introduced the possibility of live events within the platform, which have proven to be particularly successful when building deeper connections with clients and growing brand awareness. Recent studies show that LinkedIn Live videos get 24 times more comments and seven times more reactions than standard videos!

Find out below all about LinkedIn Live events, and the top tips on how to maximise this opportunity!

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More about the LinkedIn Live events-

LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Events have been combined, resulting in the possibility of hosting live events online for people invited to learn or contribute their opinions. This helps to build brand awareness and allows the company to engage and bond with its target audience.

Due to the already well-established nature of LinkedIn as a platform, these events are perceived as highly trustworthy and worthwhile for both the client and the audience. This opportunity brings professional communities together using a discoverable live event. 

The process is straightforward once the user has been approved to conduct the live event. It consists of:

  1. Creating a live event, and indicating if it is an online-only event.
  2. The third-party broadcast tool is set up on the event’s day. 
  3. The event attendees will be notified about the stream starting.

There are many benefits of using this opportunity provided by LinkedIn. These often are company-related, but they also could be used for personal growth and education. Examples of this can be seen where live events were conducted for informative rather than promotional purposes, such as interviews with advisors or LinkedIn Live skills. There is also the previously mentioned possibility of increasing publicity and brand awareness of a company, such as using a live event to showcase a new product release, for example.

Recently, some top-performing community and brand-building LinkedIn Lives included Gartner’s remote LinkedIn Live skills discussing how to support your people and sustain your organisation during COVID19. While some of the top targeted audience events had when Microsoft went live to unveil their new “#AIForGood”.  

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How to maximise this opportunity?

Now to the most exciting part, how can you use this information to make the most out of this opportunity?

The first step is to increase awareness of this event before it begins. This can be done by sharing the event with your business page following using keywords, location and more to draw the attention of your target audience. It is a good idea to try to reach accounts that aren’t included in your page followers by asking your connections to share this event information with other LinkedIn users in their network base. Another way to promote this event is by engaging the attendees through regular posts regarding the topics discussed in the LinkedIn Live event.

To boost the awareness, you could stream multiple event sessions where you can notify your page followers about the stream taking place up to four times a day. This can be particularly helpful when conducting multi-session events. Furthermore, sharing highlights of the event on your page can positively impact its publicity. This will encourage a wider audience who may not have been convinced about joining the event. You can also increase engagement by sharing quotes and the attendees expressing their opinions in the comments.

You will even be able to promote your event after it has taken place. You could conduct a survey to ask how the attendees felt about the event, which can be made public to encourage more audiences to join. Another way would be to revise your attendee list to increase engagement and ensure that you target the right audience.

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Final thoughts-

Overall, it can be said that LinkedIn Live events are very successful and a great way to build engagement, promote your company, deepen the relationship with your audience, and educate yourself on matters that interest you personally. It is also a very modern way of promotion as, more often than not in the post-Covid times, it is more common for people to want to use live events rather than attending in person.

It allows them to enjoy and contribute to the event in a space they feel comfortable and safe. This will very likely be something that will be further explored by many other companies and developed to fit even more users’ needs in the future. 

For more information on LinkedIn Live events, get in touch with our social media experts today!

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