LinkedIn: how can you make the most of new features?

LinkedIn features

New LinkedIn features remain to elevate the platform for you and your business. The updated tools help professionals and industries to reach new audiences, connect to customers and grow better than before.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are all online more. Platforms like LinkedIn for business are valuable in every way to keep the industries connected and going. How do the past and current 2020 features continue to benefit businesses on and offline?


The Latest LinkedIn Features You May Not Know About


LinkedIn features you may not know about


Mobile App Updates

Page admins can share documents like PowerPoint presentations and PDFs to company pages. This helps businesses to tell their brand stories. Differentiate themselves, share knowledge along with keep connections updated.

Insights and Research Hub

A feature introduced to enhance businesses social media marketing strategies. By using data from specific audiences, industries. Including key trends, insights and research. Informing you about campaign strategies including targeting, which will help brand reach and engagement


Insights and research hub


Content Suggestions

Learn more about what your connections want to see on their LinkedIn Feed from you. Recommended articles and posts are shown in trending content. The feature allows businesses to see the variety of content that their target audience is interacting with on the LinkedIn platform.  It’s a great way to refresh content ideas.

Covid-19 Update Your Status

LinkedIn allows business members to show connections how their organization is responding to the COVID-19 crisis. A useful feature to keep audiences and connections updated on what’s happening with your team members i.e. volunteering etc. Inform LinkedIn users on what you are doing to provide help.


Covid-19 status update



New LinkedIn Feature Updates in 2020


LinkedIn new updates have been efficient since the beginning of 2020, providing us with constant new feature updates. In case you can’t keep up, here are some that will continue to grow your business.


new features 2020


Pinned Posts

Just like Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn now has the option of pinned posts. Businesses can now choose what LinkedIn users see first when profile viewing, which improves the user experience. Profiles now have a ‘featured section’, the pinned posts will give insights into what your brand can offer when connected with you.

Feature Work Examples

On the ‘feature section’ LinkedIn also allows users to showcase work samples. Linking media to external websites, which is a great way to show your professional skills and experience, by linking a portfolio or new blog post. You can also display any media, presentations and posts created or re-shared, helping to define your brand identity.

LinkedIn Polls

Introducing the polls feature buttons, LinkedIn members can choose to add polls to posts. This LinkedIn update is a great asset to ask groups, your connections or other industries opinions and gather key insights.

Options are available on desktop and mobile, easy access to ask and gain data by varying the platform experience and interaction. Look out for the polls coming near to you.


LinkedIn polls


Company Page Invites

Inviting people to follow your LinkedIn page just got easier.  Company pages are now given 100 free credits per month, allowing you to invite 100 people from your target audience to follow your company page. Once an individual accepts, your credit returns to you. A great incentive to grow your connections easier and build a larger following.

Team Moments

LinkedIn introduced Kudos and Team moments to celebrate your teammates and your brand culture. Page Admins have content features to welcome new team members, spotlight dedicated work and recognise the people behind your business.


Team moments and kudos


Revealing your value in people and working culture makes your business human, which can attract new clients and employees. Team moments help you to foster your professional relationships.

Mindfulness courses

Since Covid-19, LinkedIn has been identifying mental stresses that many are facing now. As a response, LinkedIn Learning now provides 6 free mindfulness courses.

The courses aim to manage and understand stress and adapt calming practices for professionals. Supporting you and your employees to gain mental and emotional strengths, to improve working life.


Mindfulness course


Look Out For These Features further in 2020


Hashtag Presentations

LinkedIn is to launch a ‘hashtag presentation’ mode, which is being tested on desktop. The page resembles similarity to Pinterest and Twitter deck, users will be directed to a page of posts, which are linked together via hashtags.

This mode will aim to make connection conversations more visual and interactive. It will allow you to gain a broader scope on content perspectives quicker, as well as a deeper understanding of your social listening. By providing an overview of topic hashtag conversations.


Hashtag presentation

Hashtag presentation

(Source: Arooj Ahmed)


Conversation Ads Messaging

LinkedIn aims to make conversation Ads more personalized in messages, by rolling out a new ad format update message Ads (Sponsored InMail). Options, such as multiple customised calls-to-action, that will benefit webinar sign-ups conversions or eBook downloads.


conversation ads


The ad format allows customers to access relevant content in their customer’s journey, based on CTA. Potentially increasing your engagement rate. Conversation Ads can also benefit B2B advertisers with the P2P process too.


Video Intro Application

A new video intro tool is being tested; LinkedIn wants to support employers by enabling access to candidate’s soft skills before an interview. This will make the hiring process efficient and as quickly as possible for your company and the candidate.  We all know hiring can be a daunting task.


LinkedIn Video Intro tool

(Source: Andrew Hutchinson)


LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn stated in February that they will be testing a new stories feature. They have now launched LinkedIn stories in Brazil and will be realising the platform tool more widely eventually.

LinkedIn Stories allows current members and organizations to share professional moments through images and short videos. Similarly, to Snapchat, Instagram and other Story feature platforms, content will stay published only for 24 hours.


linkedIn stories(Source: Andrew Hutchinson)


How will LinkedIn Stories benefit your company? It allows your connections to see your brand personality and values, which could increase considerations and conversions. It will mostly increase engagement.

How can you make the most of the LinkedIn new features? Give them a go, you can only benefit.  To find more LinkedIn features to help grow your personal brand or business online click here.

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