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How Instagram features are constantly evolving to meet the demands of its users?

Instagram was originally designed as a photo-sharing platform which over the years has gained a constantly increasing amount of users. Recently, however, many Instagram features have enabled the platform to expand and meet the changing demands of its target audiences. Examples of this include the introduction of sharing posts to stories, reels, and Instagram direct messages.

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What are LinkedIn Live events?

LinkedIn is a platform widely known for allowing users to build connections with audiences, clients, and employers. It provides a trusted space where users can connect and follow media that interest them, such as companies they particularly enjoy. It is, in fact, the largest online networking platform in the world, with approximately 810 million users across more than 200 countries. It was founded in 2002 in the USA, and after proving its success, it was made available in the UK. One of their newest features is LinkedIn Live events.

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3 Ways to Use Twitter Spaces for Your Business

Twitter first launched Spaces in November 2020. That’s quite a while back, how come we’re only hearing about it now?

Twitter only granted this ability to accounts with 600 followers or more. Fast forward to October 2021, Twitter ditched exclusivity and granted every single user the ability to host Spaces.

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LinkedIn Marketing

Efficiently Manage Your LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn has become a virtual environment with about 740 million members where your account represents you and your network. One’s LinkedIn profile serves as a formal channel for managing your professional image. It’s a fantastic method to display to people who you are and what you do by highlighting the key aspects of your working experience and accomplishments.

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The Little Media Social Media Marketing Awards 2020 – The 8 Best Social Media Campaigns of 2020.

Welcome to the 2020 Little Media Awards! Celebrating all things social media marketing within the past 12 months. Despite the challenging year, it’s been for most businesses across the globe, we have still seen some amazingly creative social media campaigns throughout the year. We have eight categories that showcase the achievements of companies across a plethora of industries who have all made an impact on the world of social media this year.

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