Social Media Trends You Should Be Aware Of

Social media is in constant evolution, that’s why it’s imperative to be in the know about what the latest trends are, and how they can help your brand to improve its presence on social media and avoid staying behind your competitors. In this post, we are going to talk about five social media trends you should be aware of.

Video content will be essential (if not already)

Videos will become an essential means to increase your brand awareness on social media. Indeed, we think already it is.

There’re many advantages of creating content in video format:

  • It is more attractive for consumers than other forms of content.
  • It is an easier way to introduce your product or service.
  • It can help you to build credibility and trust with your customers.
  • It is more effective for conversion rates.

Even in terms of SEO, it helps your website to rank better.

There is no need to spend a lot of money to make a video. Here are some ideas you could start with: start by making a blog regularly in video format for your social media or try to record yourself explaining how your product or service can satisfy customer’s needs.

Keep an eye on the stories

If videos are already a necessity then stories, with over 500 million daily views, certainly are! Whether on Facebook or Instagram, stories are an essential role as they can allow businesses to interact easily with their followers through polls, to showcase their products creatively, and to keep their profile active. Having stories at the top of the newsfeed will help followers to keep the brand present on their minds.

Moreover, it is notable that other important social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest are planning to release their version of stories soon.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any idea about graphic design, there are a lot of easy tools to use like Canva or Mojo which can help you to create your own branded stories.

Take advantage of the Instagram explore tab

The Instagram explore tab will be an increasingly relevant tool for brands as it allows them more exposure to users who are potentially interested in their content. The wider the exposure is on Instagram, the higher the chances are at growing your online audience.

The explore tab shows users relevant content based on the interests and interactions they have on Instagram. Although it is difficult to get on the explore page here are a few tips you can apply to increase the chances to be displayed:

  • Interact with your followers.
  • Add your location to reach local people.
  • Use relevant hashtags in all of your posts.
  • Include a call to action wherever possible.

Twitter as a site for news

Twitter is becoming an essential site for news consumers. Users can be updated about all kinds of news ranging from politics to entertainment as well as the ability to follow live events. With that in mind, how can businesses harness the power of Twitter effectively? Try to share the latest or most exciting news about your product, service, or sector to keep your followers updated. In other words: bring them value!

The future is private

“The future is private”, that’s what Mark Zuckerberg said last year at Facebook’s annual conference F8.

Public feeds will remain relevant in the future, but the building of private communities will be something businesses will have to be aware of. While the first is useful to gain a wider reach, the second is ideal for building close and deep relationships with their customers.

The best example of this is Facebook Groups: many brands use it to create a space where people can share their interests, discuss various topics, comment on their experiences, while companies can receive feedback from their customers and get insights from them.

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Remember, staying aware of the latest trends on social media, and being capable of taking advantage of them in advance, can make the difference between you and your competitors.

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