Social media image sizes [November 2020]

When using social media for your business, you must ensure that visual content looks its best. This will help your brand stand out and look professional. By posting non-adapted graphics, images or videos, you may not get the interaction you expected. That’s why size does matter after all!

Let’s take a look at this example: the first graphic has been posted on Twitter and as you can see the text has been cut off.

The second graphic looks a lot better because it was designed according to the right dimensions.

To help you optimize your content on each of your social media channels, we are going to share an updated guide of social media image sizes.


When it comes to creating optimized images on social media, Facebook is the trickiest platform due to the huge variety of dimensions it has. For instance, the requirements for shared links aren’t the same as the ones for a shared image. Let’s see the main image sizes used on Facebook.

Facebook Image Dimensions 2020

Also bear in mind that square images will also work on this platform. 


Instagram is the social media channel where the visual content is everything, being the most competitive platform in that sense. Moreover, Instagram’s feed is composed only of images, so using stunning and optimized images becomes not only essential but imperative.

Instagram Image Dimensions 2020


In a text-dominant platform, including images on tweets will help you stand out in the feed. In fact, a tweet with an image is 5 times more likely to be retweeted, so don’t miss the opportunity to work in your visual content to get significant reach. Images that work best on Twitter are those whose dimensions are 1024 x 512 pixels.

Twitter Image Dimensions 2020


As a professional social media network, if you want to get more clients or customers, you’ll need to present professional images. Here are the recommended measures.

LinkedIn Image Dimensions 2020

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