Preparing your Post-Lockdown Marketing Strategy

The world has changed dramatically in the past few months. Life after lockdown won’t be the same as before, so it’s essential we adapt our marketing strategy to reflect these changes. With the end of the lockdown in sight, now is the time to start preparing your post-lockdown marketing strategy.

What can you expect to see in the business world in the next few months, and what will customers want from businesses once life begins returning to normal? Here are our top tips for preparing your post-lockdown marketing strategy. 

Connect and Research

While some businesses productions have come to a halt, your customers are still virtually within reach. With such a substantial increase in social media activity, this is the perfect time to connect with and listen to what your customers have to say. Create regular social media posts to stay in touch with your customers base. A fantastic way to prepare your post-lockdown marketing strategy is to gain a greater understanding of your customer’s needs, so when the lockdown is over, you’ll be ready to deliver. While the majority of us are stuck at home, this is an excellent opportunity to build strong relationships with your audience that will benefit your business once things are up and running again. 

Review your Paid Advertising 

The CPI of social media advertisements has changed since the lockdown began. When preparing your post-lockdown marketing strategy, it’s essential to review the costs and results of your paid advertising. According to The Wall Street Journal, the cost of Facebook Advertising has fallen by 15%. Platforms that may not have worked for you before the lockdown may now be a more cost-effective alternative. This is an excellent time to test new adverts on different platforms, so you know where to advertise to achieve the best results.

Support your Community

Socially responsible marketing will be more effective now than before. A business that is taking an active role in helping its community will improve their brand image. By supporting those who have been significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, you are showcasing your company as community-focused and socially responsible. Show the positive impact your business has created in your post-lockdown marketing strategy, improving the perception of your brand.

Health and Safety 

Your customer’s number one priority is now health and safety. The government has issued these guidelines for working safely during the pandemic. It’s important to reassure your customer that you’re taking measures to protect them. Regularly update your audience on social media with the actions you’ve taken as well photos of how you have adapted your office, factory or warehouse to be COVID-19 safe. Constant reassurance means your customers will more likely choose you over your competitors. 

Revise Your Strategy

You may have planned to restart marketing campaigns that were put on hold during the lockdown, but this is not necessarily the best way forward. Almost everyone will be leaving lockdown with different needs and wants, and you should pivot your strategy to adapt to this. Focus on content marketing, such as creating training videos and workshops. Those who have used them will be more likely to choose your brand in the future. When marketing after the lockdown, it’s important to remember that everyone’s priorities have changed and so even if it means changing the way you do business, your post-lockdown marketing strategy must reflect this.


Life after lockdown will look a lot different to earlier this year, and as marketers, we must adapt to these changes to maximise the impact of our marketing campaigns. Whether that be changing the product you sell or adapting your services, the most reactive businesses and marketing campaigns will be the most successful. While a lot of people are still at home, connect and listen to your audience. Gain useful feedback to improve your post-lockdown marketing campaign and find out your customers needs. Promote health and safety, push the products that will most benefit your customers and start advertising across social media platforms.

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