Everything you need to know about Twitter Advertising.

Twitter Advertising can be a great way of promoting your company, raising the brand awareness and eventually attracting more customers. But, where do you start?

1. Set up your Twitter Advertising account.

Go to Twitter for Business and log in to your account. Here you will be able to create all the campaigns, set up your budgets and monitor the results. Once you click “Create Campaign”, you’ll be asked what you want to achieve from your campaign.


2. What’s your objective?

Once you set up your Twitter Advertising account, it’s the time to think about your goals. Before you start any social media campaign, you should ask yourself what you want to achieve. Do you want to gain more followers? Raise the engagement? Increase videos views? Drive more traffic to your website or an app? Let’s go through all the available options.


Here you pay every time someone will engage with your tweet either through liking or sharing it. It’s a great way of raising the brand awareness and starting a conversation with your potential customers.

Brand awareness

Choose this option if you want to reach as many potential customers as possible and raise the brand awareness of your company. Here you get charged for the number of impressions (CPM).


If you worry you don’t have that many followers, this is an excellent way of promoting your brand. Your account will appear on your target audience’s timeline, in the search and suggestions Who to Follow. You get charged every time someone follows your account. Gained impressions and engagement are free.

Lead generation

A lead generation is a fantastic option for gathering information from your potential clients. You can use it to get sign-ups for offers and deals. Once someone clicks on your post, they are directed to a page where users can share their contact details. You get charged every time someone fills up the form.

Website traffic

Here you pay every single time someone clicks on your post, which directs people to your website. Twitter gives an option to upload a Website Card – a post with an image of your page and a clear call to action that can help drive potential clients to your website.

App installs and engagement 

It’s a great option for promoting your app downloads to your potential clients. You can also target people who already downloaded your app but haven’t used it for a while. You pay every time someone downloads your app or opens it. You can create a post with App Card that shows a preview of your app including rating.

Depending on your objective, Twitter Advertising gives you three advertising options: Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends.

Promoted tweets

Promoted tweets are great for reaching your potential clients who aren’t already following your account. Exactly like organic tweets, they appear on your audience’s timeline, and they can also be liked and retweeted.

Promoted accounts: 

Promoted accounts are the best way to gain more followers on Twitter. Your account will appear on your targeted audience’s timeline, in search results and Who to Follow suggestions.

Promoted Trends

You are probably familiar with trending hashtags that are usually on the left-hand side of your timeline on Twitter. Promoted Trends allow you to advertise your own hashtag that will appear on top of the list. Twitter users tend to engage with trending hashtags. Therefore it’s a great way of raising the brand awareness of your business and increasing the reach of your campaign.


3. Audience

Once you have decided the objective and type of the advert, it’s the time to think about your target audience. Twitter Advertising gives you a limitless number of possibilities. You can browse through people’s interests, age, location, demographics, behaviours and so on. Twitter Advertising also gives you a possibility to target people who already interacted with your website and to upload your own list of people you want to target.


4. Budget

Now it’s the time to think how long do you want to run the campaign for and how much do you want to spend. Here, you can set up your daily and total budgets. Once you reach the given amount, your ad will stop running.


5. Creatives 

The creative part! Here you can decide whether you want to promote existing tweet to create a new one. The key is to get straight to the point, make it short, simple and exciting. The image you decide to use should be eye-catching and engaging. Also, don’t forget to have a clear call to action. Do you want users to visit your website? Send you a message? Let them know!


  1. Organic audience growing is also an achievable strategy. Tweet to engage with your audience and followers to make the account seem more human and personal, and your business will be more trustworthy.

    • Sara

      Definitely! Also posting interesting and relevant content will go a long way:) I think it’s important to combine both together!

      • Trying to find content and copy that hits the right tone for everyone is difficult though. It takes a clear strategy and creative mind to make every tweet work. I guess it’s kind of like finding the right stories and headlines for a newspaper with really picky readers 😉

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