How to start a career in Social Media Marketing?

The graduates of 2020 and graduating into unprecedented times. Many careers are uncertain, and many students have had graduate schemes, placements and internships canceled. You may be wondering how you can gain experience in social media marketing in the current climate. Given that fewer companies are hiring at present, and many positions have been canceled or put on hold. 



Be proactive in looking for Internships

Be proactive in looking for internships. If you can’t find an internship online, reach out and contact agencies and local businesses about where they’d like an extra hand with social media marketing support or advice. If the company isn’t on social media, offer to help them create a profile. And if there already are, help them create content and develop their content calendar, and help engage their audience to grow their following. You can do this by creating relevant content, or research SEO keywords and hashtags for them to use. 



Volunteer Roles

Look at charities and volunteering roles. It’s a great way to help a good cause, and also gain experience for your CV. Do-it volunteering is a great place to start the search, they have lots of vacancies, and some of the social media work available is also remote work. You can also build your experience with freelance work, there are many freelancing websites online that will have adverts of people looking for help with social media marketing. This is a good way to earn extra money and build your CV while you’re still studying. Make sure that you fill out your profile with the relevant skills that you have, and use a professional photo on your profile.



Online Resources 

Free online resources are abundant in marketing. I’d recommend starting with google digital garage, to start your learning about social media marketing. Here you can find google analytics for beginners, which I could recommend completing. Google Analytics is a popular choice among marketers, so it’s worth knowing, even if it’s just the basics. 

Google Analytics


G Suite

G Suite has over 5 million business users, and the chances are you’ll need to be able to use it at some point. The G Suite course is  9.5 hours long and covers all the G suite essentials you’ll use daily including Google Drive, Gmail, Hangouts Meet, and working in Docs, Sheets, and Slides. This is a skill a lot of people claim to have on their CV, but by completing the course, you’ll be able to prove this.


Facebook Ads

Another thing I would stress is important as a marketer, especially social media marketing, is knowing how to create a Facebook Ad. Most businesses will need you to create a Facebook ad at some point so quick and easy courses like this are ideal for students to gain some insight and understanding. Follow the link below to find out how to create an ad on Facebook. The videos are short but informative and will give you a grip understanding the process.

Facebook also has a similar course on how to use Instagram for businesses. This is also a really short overview. It is about 10 minutes long and is made up of five 2 minute guides covering tips for selling, using ‘stories’, and understanding your customers using Instagram insights. Business profiles on Instagram are quite different from personal Instagram profiles so these videos are insightful and great for people looking to start a career in social media marketing.

Instagram for Business


Facebook blueprint is also a great place to learn, they have a variety of courses available with certificates.

Facebook Blueprint


Good luck with starting your new career in social media marketing. For more information on social media marketing check out our other blog posts. Whatever, your experience level these tips should help you gain some experience in the field of social media marketing, and helping help you develop your CV to get the role you want. Make sure to check out our other blogs! Click here!

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