Social Media Case Study for the Logistics Industry

Increased Youtube subscribers by 100,000 in 6 months

70% increase in impressions across X, Instagram and LinkedIn

Reached over 174,000 followers across all channels

The Challenge

Geopost is a market leader in parcel delivery and e-commerce solutions, providing a broad range of delivery and innovative services for customers worldwide.

The project aimed to increase brand awareness, grow social media engagement and establish the company as an expert in the e-commerce industry and a leader in logistics sustainability. The client needed assistance in social media monitoring, as well as content creation to ensure that their messaging was not only engaging and professional but also aligned with their brand’s voice and strategic objectives.


The Solution

Our social media strategy for Geopost involved preparing content for Twitter and LinkedIn. We monitored and tracked online mentions of the company across various digital platforms to keep a pulse on the brand’s public perception, share of voice, and overall online presence.

Our team regularly brainstormed ideas that could resonate deeply with the target audience on all platforms. The content created for the campaign focused mainly on promoting the company’s research on the e-commerce industry and e-shoppers’ behaviours.

Alongside content creation, we managed advertising across X, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. We have also supported the client in copywriting and preparing video scripts for speakers.

Recognising the power of live interaction and community building, Geopost initiated Twitter Spaces and cultivated Communities, fostering real-time engagement and discussions.

In the past 12 months, our efforts have focused on LinkedIn and YouTube—two key B2B social media channels—and the creation of more compelling video content.

The Results

The last 12 months of our social media marketing strategy yielded remarkable results for Geopost:

  • Follower and Subscriber Growth
    Across Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram, we achieved an 80% increase in followers, significantly expanding its online community and enhancing brand visibility.
  • Impressions
    Our activities successfully boosted Geopost’s impressions by over 70% across X, Instagram and LinkedIn. This increase in impressions indicates a higher level of content visibility and engagement among the target audience.
  • YouTube Success
    One of the most notable achievements was the dramatic growth of Geopost’s YouTube channel. Within just 6 months, the channel’s subscriber count skyrocketed from 2,000 to over 100,000 subscribers.

“Very much satisfied with the quality of service provided by the team at Little Media Agency.”

Their size allows for a more personal approach (the people whom you see at the pitch are the people who will be on your account – no last-minute changes).

Moreover, the team maintains a good role of council, challenging the status quo when appropriate and definitely don’t fall into an attitude of “doing only what the client says.” I highly recommend.

– Christopher Kowalewski, Geopost


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