Blogs don’t just tell your audience that you know what you’re talking about; it shows them you care about it too. Not only do blogs increase engagement with consumers, but it shows that you’re actively up-to-date with what’s happening in the current market. It showcases you as an expert in your field. 

Blogging is a great way to improve your brand image, but perhaps you’re more interested in the numbers? Blogs are a great way of driving traffic to the website. What’s more, search engines love blogs nearly as much as we love writing them! Blogging is a great SEO tool and businesses who prioritise blogging experience a 13X increase in ROI year after year. 

But why choose us?

Because if you’re here, it’s probably because your blog isn’t where you want it to be. Writing blogs is time-consuming. They need to not only relate to your business, but they have to relate to your potential audience. Shorter blogs are less successful than longer ones and posting inconsistently doesn’t look great. So, is your blog as effective as it could be, or are you looking for a blog that speaks volumes for your company? 

What we can offer:

SEO friendly blogs – We are experts at creating content that increases traffic to your website and improves your websites rankings. Blogs are an exceptional boost to search engine optimisation.

Blogs that match the tone and image of your company – Whether you’re looking for serious or light-hearted, fun or professional, we’ll work with whatever you have in mind.

Consistency – We’ll bring consistency to your blogs in both the time they’re posted and their voice. 

Engagement – We’ll make sure our blogs are up-to-date with current trends and relevant to your audience. We’ll make sure your content connects people to your brand – everything we write is aimed to increase engagement.

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