Everything you need to know about Facebook Live.

If you’re reading this you are probably considering implementing Facebook Live in your marketing strategy. That’s great! It’s a fantastic tool for promoting your company, sharing your expertise with your clients and connecting with them on a personal level. Facebook is prioritising and promoting the live video to make sure it reaches more people. Therefore, it’s a great opportunity for marketers to engage with bigger audiences. It allows you to discuss hot industry topics, host Q&A, add your expertise and stream live content from events. Possibilities are endless!

How to go live?

  1. In the box where you can update your status on Facebook, you will see a camera icon and the word: “LIVE”. Click the button.
  2. If you have never used Facebook Live, you’ll see an explanatory video that will talk you through the process. Once it’s finished, you’ll be taken to a selfie camera mode. You can then decide which camera do you want to use for the broadcast (rare or front). You can change it in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Once it’s all set you can then come up with an exciting headline for your live video that will grab the attention of your customers.
  4. It’s all ready now. Click Live and enjoy!

What are the key features?

  1. Notifications
    Facebook notifies your friends that you are live and that automatically increases the reach.
  2. Invitations
    People who already tuned in have an option of inviting their friends to watch your live video.
  3. Reactions
    Your audience can react to your content during the broadcast. It’s a great feature because it allows you to respond to all the comments live.
  4. Filters
    Similarly to Snapchat, Facebook introduced 5 different filters for live videos.
  5. Live map
    Live map is literally a map of all live streams. It allows you to watch videos from all around the world.

Facebook Live’s top tips

  1. Plan and prepare
    Before you go live, think about the subject of your video. It’s very easy to go off topic. Sometimes it’s worth writing up a few points to help you stay focused.
  2. Schedule your broadcast
    Facebook allows you to schedule your live streaming. It creates a post on your timeline with the date and time of the planned broadcast. This option is available in Publishing Tools on your company page.
  3. Promote and let everyone know!
    Facebook allows you to target a specific audience. You can choose from your network, fans of the page, group or event. Make sure that you also let people know about your upcoming live video. It’s worth mentioning it on all social media channels several times before the broadcast.
  4. Make sure you have a strong Internet connection
    Facebook Live works only if you have a speed of minimum 10mph.
  5. Write an exciting headline
    Grab your audience’s attention and write a description that will inform them what they can expect from your video.
  6. Tag your location
    When you tag your location you automatically appear in the live map, which means you are more likely to be found and reach more people.
  7. Engage with your audience
    Now, the most important things are to engage with your target audience and answer all their questions. Replying to them using their names will add a personal touch to your broadcast.
  8. Last words
    When you are ready to finish your video, it’s worth informing your audience when you are planning to go live next to and what will be the next topic of your video.

Facebook Live is a great marketing tool that has been proven to be very successful. It may feel a bit scary to go live at first, however, you should remember that it’s all about being natural and authentic. People like live videos because they are real. There is no editing, no hidden footage and no filter. It allows you to drop a curtain, connect with your customers on a personal level and show them the real you.

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