10 steps to a powerful LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is the only professional online network in the world. It’s a fantastic tool to find more clients for your business because it gives you direct access to companies’ decision makers and CEOs. You can establish your expertise by sharing relevant articles, interact with community in groups and contact all your potential clients via private messages. It’s like virtual trip to a networking event with millions of your potential clients. At the moment there are 467 million users on LinkedIn which makes it very difficult to stand out among your competitors however there are a few things you can do to create a powerful LinkedIn profile.

1. Headline

You should create a compelling headline that attracts attention and makes others want to read more about you. Don’t just put your job title. Write up a sentence how you help others and how talking to you may benefit them. Remember to use certain keywords that will help you get found in search engines.

2. Profile photo.

Adding a professional photo makes you 14 times more likely to get found on LinkedIn. Stay away from selfies or group photos. Think about it as your business card or a CV. It needs to look professional and smart.

3. Summary

You should certainly write a summary using first person format. People want to hear about you so don’t use a corporate jargon. Share a story. People don’t like sales or adverts so try to stay away from it.  Focus on how your potential clients can benefit from talking to you and how you could help them.

4. Experience and skills

Make sure you complete your profile with all your relevant experience and skills. Think what your potential clients would want to see there. Which part of your experience would convince them to contract you? It’s important that all the information is relevant and consistent.

5. Customize your URL

You can customize your profile’s URL. Go to your profile -> edit -> then on the right hand side you’ll see a section where you can customize it. Although it’s a little thing, it will make your profile look more professional.

6. Contact information

Make sure all your contact details are up to date. Include your company’s website, phone number, email and social media links. It’s important that finding you is as easy as possible.

7. Connections

Another important aspect of having a powerful profile is connecting with your potential clients. It’s not just about adding people you know but people you would like to meet. Use advanced search to find your specific target audience and connect with them.

8. Groups

Join LinkedIn groups and even start your own! It’s a great way to reach out to your potential clients and share your knowledge and expertise. You can share blogs from your website or your profile, join the discussion and answer people’ questions.

9. Content

Now your profile is set up, it’s very important that you share your expertise with your potential clients. Write a blog for your profile at least once a week. Sharing your knowledge will show your connections that you are an expert in your industry.

10. Talk

Now you have a large network of connections, it’s important to talk to them. Exactly like in other online networks, you should like, comment and share their posts. This way you are reminding your clients that you are there for them and you are happy to help.

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