Social Media Case Study for the Software Company

Achieved 99.5% of all
monthly Instagram KPIs

Reached over 5m monthly impressions on Pinterest

Got to 10K followers on Instagram in 16 months

The Challenge

RoomSketcher is an international technology company that provides floor plan and home design software for interior designers, appraisers, estate agents and remodelers. 

The client needed help enhancing the online visibility and brand recognition of their software among four distinctive customer personas across the US and Canada. This included growing social media engagement, driving website traffic and improving Pinterest SEO to reach and better resonate with the target audience and foster more meaningful interactions with potential users.


The Solution

Our social media strategy involved managing paid and organic activities on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and creating content that promoted the software and its features to the target audience. 

We began by learning the client’s software inside out. We utilised its features to build and share videos of creating floor plans, showcasing the product’s ease of use and innovative features. These videos served as ‘live’ demonstrations, allowing our target personas to witness the software in action. 

We also started an annual competition, “Room Sketcher Floor Plans Awards,” where the software users had an opportunity to submit on Instagram their best floor plans created with the software for a chance to win free credits.

Not only did this engage existing users by giving them a platform to showcase their creativity, but it also leveraged user-generated content to display the software’s capabilities to potential customers. 

Once we received the entries, we posted them on Instagram, where users could vote for the best floor plan by liking each entry post. The floor plan with the most likes won free software credits. This has dramatically boosted engagement on our platform among existing customers as well as new prospects.

The Results

We monitored various metrics such as accounts engaged, content interactions, profile visits, and overall impressions throughout the competition period:

  • Accounts engaged skyrocketed by 2,807%
  • Content interactions soared by 2,605%
  • Profile visits rose by 81.6%
  • Overall impressions reached a staggering 95,823

During our first 12 months of cooperation, we also achieved 99% of the client’s KPIs on Instagram, while increasing the followers by over 44%.

“Very satisfied with the services delivered by Little Media Agency.”

A small team with a personal approach, and you feel like they really value you as a client. They are not afraid to suggest new ideas and challenge ideas that we may have.

I find them to be a really great partner for handling our social media, and definitely recommend them.”

Trine Bretteville, RoomSketcher


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