Metpro Case Study

Social Media Case Study for the Manufacturing Industry

Achieved all client’s
key monthly KPIs

Doubled the number of YouTube subscribers in just 2 months

Instagram followers
grew by 427%

The Challenge

Metpro is a leading multi-service manufacturer & supplier of cable management products to Electrical Wholesalers and bespoke components for OEM businesses.

The primary goal of this project is to raise brand awareness, drive website traffic and to promote Metpro’s products to wholesalers and electrical contractors in the UK.


The Solution

Our social media strategy for Metpro centred on enhancing their presence across all their social media channels to promote their electrical products to wholesalers and electricians. This involved paid and organic management of LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to maximise reach and engagement. 

In addition to community management and comprehensive reporting, we also created content to highlight the unique features and benefits of Metpro’s products.

Additionally, we focused on improving their videography, recommending the use of subtitles and embracing vertical videos that could be easily repurposed across multiple platforms.

Finally, we enhanced their visual style, transitioning from greyscale to vibrant colour schemes, creating a more visually compelling brand identity.

The strategy was designed to strengthen the audience’s connection by providing valuable insights and fostering discussions that resonate with electrical professionals.

The Results

Within the first 12 months of working together, we achieved the following results:

  • Instagram: Our focused content and engagement strategy and new eye-catching visuals on Instagram increased followers by 427%.
  • LinkedIn: On LinkedIn, where our content was tailored to the professional aspects of Metpro’s offerings and industry insights, we saw impressions soar by 644%.
  • YouTube: Our YouTube channel experienced a surge in subscribers, increasing by 335%. This was achieved through a strategic mix of high-quality video content, including product demonstrations and expert interviews, as well as a paid advertising strategy.

“Little Media Agency have always delivered what they say they will.”

I am in frequent communication with the team, and their weekly schedules and reports are always received to a high standard in a timely manner.

Our relationship with the team has developed to the point where they very much do feel like an extension of our business, instead of a third party on the periphery. They are open to new ideas being suggested and are just generally a pleasure to work with.”

– Jake Rudge, Metpro


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