Social Media West Midlands

Social Media West Midlands

Little Media Agency is a social media agency offering services to clients in the West Midlands and beyond

Little Media Agency is a social media agency based in the West Midlands.

Founded and grown within the West Midlands, we’ve worked with a range of companies across the West Midlands, and the rest of the UK, in order to help improve their social media presence online.

We recognise that your digital footprint can be the key to expanding your reach, giving you an advantage over your competition, and allowing you to gain a better understanding of your customers. That’s why Little Media Agency was founded – we’re here to help you with your social media ambitions.

Whatever your vision is, we’ll work with you step by step to create the social media presence you’re aiming for. We’re experts in our field and know the secrets of creating social media posts that will engage your audience.


Social Media

We specialise in all aspects of social media marketing: creating bespoke campaigns, advertising and training.

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Content Creation

We offer high-quality videography, photography and copywriting services directed towards your target audience.

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Community Management

We can help to cultivate an online community that strengthens your brand, fosters meaningful connections, and drives growth.

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Social Media Agency West Midlands

Why Choose Us?

To us, collaboration is key. We take pride in our collaborative approach and work closely with your team to deliver results. This helps to ensure that we meet your business objectives and maximise your return on investment with our specialist social media services.

If you’re a company based in the West Midlands looking to enhance your digital footprint, call us today to speak to a member of our team on 0121 794 8123 or email


Our team is made up of experienced social media experts, and we love what we do. We have helped a number of companies from a range of industries in the UK and overseas increase their reach and engagement. We believe our passion for social media management is reflected in the results we achieve for our clients and this in turn motivates us to strive for greater success.


We have proven experience in increasing our clients’ awareness, reach, and sales. We’ve created content that has improved engagement and connected with our clients’ audiences. As well as social media management and social media advertising, we also offer social media training and workshops where we can work with your staff on-site and share our expertise.


We’ll craft creative, eye-catching posts based on your branding guidelines designed to reach and engage your audience and drive potential consumers your way. Our team are experts in understanding your company’s style and tone of voice and the needs of your target audience and delivering creative, effective content to match your desired style, tone, and purpose.


Whilst we’ll take all the hard work off your hands, we want you with us every step of the way. We’ll analyse your company’s social media channels and show you how to improve your online presence, step by step. We act as part of your team to ensure consistent, meaningful results and offer insights for continuous improvement. At the end of the day, your success is our victory.

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3 Steps to Social Media Success


First we engage in a discovery session to learn everything about your organisation – Your products, services, industry, competitors, as well as your business goals and define what success means to you. With this in mind, we set out to craft a strategy that will deliver results.


We craft a detailed roadmap with clearly-defined goals and deliverables that will bring you your desired results in an agreed timeframe, and establish what will be required from both sides to achieve the necessary impressions, reach and engagement.


Our team then embarks on our campaign to deliver the results you need – Crafting effective, efficient content with your audience and goals firmly in mind, whilst analysing and reporting on our progress on a monthly basis to ensure the very best results throughout our journey.


“We’ve experienced a 60% increase in new potential customers and opened accounts compared to last year.”

“Since partnering with Little Media Agency, we’ve seen an increase in engagement and impression from users, as well as an improvement in our sales.

We’ve also experienced a 60% increase in new potential customers and opened accounts compared to last year, which is a very successful metric for us. They’re also providing us with video production and scriptwriting, as they’re always innovating their approach to creating new content.”

– Ehrco Hydraulics


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