Italian Wedding Planners Case Study

Social Media Case Study for the Wedding Industry

The Challenge

Italian Wedding Planners is a distinguished wedding planning service based in the heart of Italy that offers personalised experiences from design to execution that turn dream weddings into reality across the country. 

The client needed help raising awareness of their services to an international audience, growing engagement on their Instagram channel and increasing the number of inquiries on the channel and their website.


The Solution

The project centred on enhancing the digital outreach of Italian Wedding Planners by managing their Instagram account, engaging with the target audience and implementing strategic paid advertising campaigns.

The focus on Instagram allowed us to share the detailed craftsmanship of weddings they have orchestrated. Each post was carefully curated to display Italy’s diverse, picturesque locations, inspiring the audience to choose their dream wedding destinations. We also showcased wedding ceremonies and receptions, effectively showcasing their ability to tailor dream weddings to each couple’s desires.

Through targeted paid advertising campaigns, we aimed to reach engaged couples worldwide, sparking their interest and inspiring them to envision their own weddings in Italy. These ads were specifically designed to draw potential clients to the Italian Wedding Planners’ website and Instagram channel, where they could explore further and make online enquiries.

The overall strategy was crafted to boost brand awareness and ultimately expand their clientele by connecting with couples eager to marry in Italy.

The Results

In the 12 months since we began our collaboration with Italian Wedding Planners, we have achieved the following results:

  • Website Traffic: We successfully increased the website traffic by implementing strategic paid advertising campaigns on social media platforms, directing more potential clients to explore the Italian Wedding Planners’ site and enquire about their services. 
  • Instagram Growth: On Instagram, we achieved a remarkable increase in followers, nearly 70%, by consistently posting high-quality, visually appealing content that resonates with the target audience.
  • Increase in Enquiries: The enhancements in both website traffic and Instagram engagement have led to a substantial increase in enquiries through these channels.

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